Business Software to Simplify Your Record Keeping

Business Software / Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

There are a number of very good basic accounting software packages on the market that are popular, well-tried, tested and supported. We are experts in installing and running Sage, QuickBooks, Clearlybusiness and Pegasus Opera and are agents for QuickBooks and Sage.

Prefer using Excel?

Many clients operate cash accounting using spreadsheets in Excel. We supply templates that can help you get started with this.


This software is popular among small business owners who have no formal accounting training. It is straightforward to use, has no confusing options or language and its easy-to-use tools track every sale and expense so that business owners can quickly assess how the business is doing and can reduce their time on tasks such as invoicing, payments reconciliation and creating VAT returns, which it files online


After the initial setup, where our input is invaluable, Sage is equally simple to use. It generates quotes and invoices for your customers (and sends them electronically) and also manages VAT and submits online returns to HMRC. It allows you to look at your profit & loss and balance sheets and your customer balances highlighting outstanding debts at a glance.


This is an innovative suite of software and services from the Barclays Group that interfaces with Sage and QuickBooks. It provides a number of management tools: Business Essentials, Creditfocus, Business Manager and i-sure Business.

Pegasus Opera

This financial management and payroll software is for small and medium businesses. The Opera suite comprises general accounting, financial management, payroll, supply chain management and document management modules specifically for the manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, transport, service, charity and construction and engineering sectors.

Other software

The way forward is in ‘clouds’ software, with access by clients and ourselves to accounts software over the internet from anywhere in the world; the software is fully maintained and backed-up for a monthly charge. This can be provided by spin-offs for QuickBooks and Sage. We’ve also been impressed by the Milton Keynes-based CRM and accounts package, Fusemetrix. The monthly charge covers updates and avoids the aggravation of new versions common to both QuickBooks and Sage.

We can help you to purchase the right software for your operation.

We recently helped a client, a timber merchant, who had installed an upgrade from Sage for a new management information system designed to improve his sales and marketing activities, but which left him frustrated because the software was set up incorrectly and his staff needed training in the correct entry of data. We reviewed the period end controls and recommended and implemented a solution that has enabled him to continue using the system and implement the advantages of the system in monitoring customer activity and product sales growth.

Can we help you?

If we can help you with accounting software advice, purchase, support or staff training – contact us for a friendly chat.